LIVINGSTON, NJ – The first day of PARCC testing for Livingston Public Schools is scheduled for Monday, March 2; however, it is snowing out right now, and there is a forecast for snow and ice on Monday. Therefore, LPS has posted PARCC testing contingency plans on the website, in case of a delayed opening or a school closure. Email questions to:

In Case of a Delayed Opening:

If Monday, March 2 is a delayed opening, LPS will host all testing and senior programing as detailed in Mrs. O’Leary’s testing memo, just two hours later.

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To make up for the loss of time, LPS is going to revise the class schedule for the day, ensuring that classes that drop on Tuesday get a chance to meet (and including one that did not meet on Friday).

The schedule will, therefore, look like this:

Monday, March 2, 2015 – Delayed Opening

B Day

PARCC Testing/Senior Programing

09:50 – 11:45


11:50 – 12:30

Block 3/Period 2

12:30 – 01:10

Block 4/Period 8

01:15 – 01:55

Block 6/Period 6

02:00 – 02:41


In Case of a School Closure:

If Monday, March 2 is a school closure, LPS says, “Enjoy the day. Stay warm. We’ll see you on Tuesday.”

In this case, Tuesday, March 3 will become ELA - Day 1 of PARCC testing. Students will follow all instructions as detailed in Mrs. O’Leary’s memo.

On Wednesday, March 4, LPS will combine ELA - Day 2 and Day 3 of testing and students will complete the two units in one sitting. The directions will remain the same; LPS will simply not collect and redistribute all testing materials between the second and third sections.

Senior program currently scheduled for Tuesday will remain as planned. LPS will combine elements of Monday’s presentation into Wednesday with the additional time.

The testing time period will, therefore, be elongated and LPS will restructure the school schedule to meet the need (again, keeping the classes that did not meet the previous day and will not meet the following day).


Wednesday, March 4, only if on Monday, March 2, school is closed:

D Day

PARCC Testing/Senior Programing

7:50 – 10:45

Block 1/Period 2

10:50 – 11:25

Block3/Period 4

11:30 – 12:05


12:05 – 12:45

Block 4/Period 6

12:45 – 1:20

Block 5/Period 7

1:25 – 2:00

Block 6/Period 8

2:05 – 2:41