LIVINGSTON, NJ — A new adult-fiction novel authored by Livingston resident Charles Dyner and featuring scenes set in Livingston, Millburn, the Short Hills Mall, and a local country club, is officially available for purchase. According to Dyner, “The Back Room” promises action, romance, tears, humor and wry, social commentary flow.

Although Dyner always had a talent for writing and has a professional background in advertising and copy writing, “The Dark Room” is not only his first novel, but is also his first in-depth writing experience. Having recently completed a 60-minute documentary about the hidden histories behind small towns in New York, Dyner was inspired to take on something more complex.

“I kind of stopped myself for years from writing a novel because I always believed that you had to have a plot before you can do anything, and I had no plot,” said Dyner, whose plot was inspired by a group of table-tennis players in New York. “There was just something about the [table-tennis] sound that stayed with me for years, so that was my jumping-off point for this book.”

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Dyner, who moved to town in 1988 with his Livingston-born wife, Ellen, begins his story on Livingston roads, where the New Jersey’s worst drivers, called the “Horrendos,” nearly kill two young, corporate lawyers, Duncan (Harvard) and Tyler (Yale).

Inspired by anger, they create “Risk-X,” a new business enabling insurance companies, for a hefty fee, to identify Horrendos in action, charge them higher premiums or refuse to insure them at all, uninsured and off the roads.

In Millburn, Wen Luc abandons his piano prodigy talent to become New Jersey’s Number One Table Tennis player. A match on a lark with a Hassidic Jew causes him to re-evaluate his future. The result also pushes the Hassid to a life-changing decision: he leaves his family and the Hassidic way of life.

These and several of Dyner’s other unusual characters’ paths cross in “The Back Room” by chance—or in Dyner’s words, “by passionate attractions to women with the power to transform their lives.”

Dyner offers a complimentary peek into the first two-and-a-half chapters of his novel on his website, which also includes pictures and a more in-depth synopsis and description of the main characters (Wen Luc, Menachem Nachmann, Boris, Veronica, Kyra and James Oglethorpe). “The Back Room” eBook can be purchased in full by clicking HERE

“So far, people who have read it have been very enthusiastic and thought it was entirely enjoyable,” said Dyner. “I’m surprised and delighted to find that many professional women have loved the book.”