LIVINGSTON, NJ — Livingston resident Lindsay Listanski, who graduated from Livingston High School in 2005, will be appearing on NBC’s LXTV Open House Sunday as the Senior Manager of Media Engagement for Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. At 8:30 a.m. on June 21, Listanski will represent her company during a special segment on Smart Home Technology, which will show viewers how they can make their homes “smarter” at affordable prices.

Hosted by Sara Gore, Open House showcases the hottest homes on the market, interior design tips from the experts and everything homeowners need to know about stylish living. According to Listanski, one of her company’s overall strategies this year is to be the leader in smart home technology and connected homes. In accordance with a longtime partnership with NBC, Coldwell Banker dedicated this month’s segment to educating consumers on the latest and greatest in the future of technology and how to implement it into their houses. 

“There’s a conception about smart home technology that it’s out of reach because of the price, but something that we’re finding is that it’s extremely affordable,” said Listanski. “I think the show’s going to be really fun to watch not just to find out about cool technology but to realize that it’s really something that you can have in your home at an affordable price and Coldwell Banker is definitely the leader in smart home tech.” 

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According to Listanski, smart home technology is not only changing the way Americans live, it is also changing the way they shop for real estate. The smart home products Listanski focuses on during the segment are not only affordable but are also making homes safer, smarter and more comfortable.

The first of the four areas Listanski will showcase is a new technology in Smart Home Security called August Smart Lock, a self-installed dead bolt that will allow homeowners access entry into their homes using their smartphones. Currently priced at less than $300 and available on Amazon, the August Smart Lock gives smartphone users the opportunity to specify who can enter the house and when. For instance, if the owner is away, he or she can allow the maid access to the house, track her movements and lock the house after departure— making it an affordable, smart and secure at-home security system. 

Listanski’s segment also focuses on Sengled Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., a new global innovator that aims to reinvent the lighting industry. One of these innovative bulbs is called the Sengled Pulse, which is a speaker light bulb that allows users to play music and control the lighting directly from their smartphone. Another is the Sengled Boost light bulb, the world’s first WiFi enabling light bulb that can extend the user’s wireless Internet for up to 100 feet.

According to Listanski, technologies like this are greatly impacting real estate from both a home value perspective and a time-on-market perspective. Listanski, whose father has been working with her company for 30 years, graduated Marywood University with a degree in marketing and took up post as her company’s Social Media Manager four years ago. Now, in what she calls her dream job, Listanski manages the social media department and online advertising, is the co-editor for the department’s blog and holds her own real estate license. Listanski said she was especially excited about this NBC segment because it pairs her love for real estate with her longtime love for technology. 

“Being able to marry social media and marketing with real estate was kind of the dream job for me,” said Listanski. “I really don’t feel like it’s work because I enjoy it so much. Everyone has a home and everyone has their emotional ties to their home and to be able to work in this field is just so exciting.”

According to Listanski’s blog on smart home technology, nearly 60 percent of real estate agents polled said they are seeing more smart home features in listing descriptions than they did two-to-five years ago. It is many of these technologies and their benefits that Listanski will speak in depth about on NBC’s Open House Sunday.

“[This field] is constantly changing,” said Listanski. “I come into something new every day and I have the greatest team that I work with so I’m really thrilled to be part of the Coldwell Banker family.”