LIVINGSTON, NJ — After searching for Livingston properties to sell to Habitat for Humanity, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building decent homes for low-and moderate-income families, the Livingston Township Council held a final hearing for the ordinance authorizing the private sale of township-owned property on Grand Terrace and Burnet Street to the organization.

Although Mayor Shawn Klein and members of the council identified these as two suitable lots, many nearby residents are concerned about a drainage problem surrounding the chosen lot on Grand Terrace. In response to these residents, the council agreed to postponed the vote until March 6.

“The town is aware of the water issues and has an effective plan,” said Klein. “We know residents have concerns about it—they want to make sure it’s dealt with effectively and the council is going to make sure that that’s what happens.”

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In addition to the many residents who attended a meeting specific to this issue on Feb. 2, during which township engineer Jeanette Harduby was on hand to address any questions and concerns, a handful of residents attended the council meeting on Monday to bring it to the council’s attention once again before it made any formal vote on the subject.

One resident said he and his neighbors have previously requested a drainage plan in the area to address the problem, which he said is severe and brought photos before the council on Monday to prove it. He said that the neighborhood residents would welcome any new neighbors, but not until the property is addressed.

Klein said township professionals are working hard to alleviate the issue and that bringing a charity like this into Livingston is an amazing opportunity for the township.  

“The town is excited about the opportunity to bring Habitat for Humanity into the town because it’s such a great charity. It benefits not only people who need affordable housing and helps them get into great communities like Livingston, but it also ends up being a great project for the residents of Livingston to work on and to feel great about.”

Klein added that people from all over Livingston, including those from churches, synagogues, sports teams and other organizations, are enthusiastic about helping to build these homes when the time comes. 

During this meeting, the Livingston Township Council also postponed the final vote to adopt an ordinance that would regulate the planting, growing, maintenance and/or cultivation of bamboo. Click HERE for story.