Sara and Jeffrey Wasserman are very grateful for all of their blessings. When they recently won an IPAD in a raffle, Sara gave it to her son Chase who had been saving up to buy his own.  Not needing the money he had saved, he asked his mom if he could donate it to the hospital to help sick kids. That donation was the beginning of a relationship with Saint Barnabas Medical Center.

Sara Wasserman understands what it is like to have a child in the hospital. When her daughter was briefly hospitalized, Sara saw the value of Child Life services and the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Program.  Child Life staff and the Clowns gave Sara peace of mind especially when they coaxed smiles from her daughter.  As a result of this experience, Sara began a tradition of supporting Pediatrics at Saint Barnabas.

Wanting to teach her children about giving back, she came up with the idea to sponsor a Chanukah party for friends and family. “I wanted the kids to appreciate how fortunate they are for all that we have. This was a way to help them understand that if each person gives up something and comes together as a community, we can help so many people,” said Sara Wasserman.   A donation of $36, per child,  in lieu of one night’s Chanukah gift, was the ideal way to support Child Life and Clown Care and teach children about the importance of helping others in need. 

With more than 150 adults and children in attendance, the party raised much-needed support for two vital hospital programs.  Tori Weinstein, of Saint Barnabas Medical Center Foundation thanked Sara and her friends and family for giving so generously of themselves and said “teaching children they are never too young to make a difference is an important lesson.”  Entertainment was provided by the Big Apple Circus Clowns and Child Life Specialists from the Medical Center who helped kids create backpacks, a friendship quilt, and “get well” cards for hospitalized children.  The party was a great success with over $10,000 raised to “let kids be kids” despite the stress of illness. If you would like to further support their efforts, please contact the Saint Barnabas Medical Center Foundation, 973-322-4330.