Since 1976, the Township of Livingston has offered transportation to senior citizens, sixty years of age and older, and to handicapped residents of any age - free of charge. This popular program has evolved over time to meet the changing needs of residents and now encompasses a handicap accessible bus, driven by township employees, and an auxiliary vehicle, driven by volunteer drivers. Township employees and volunteer drivers are dedicated to providing a quality service to residents who are most in need.

The passing years have taken its toll on the mechanical workings of the Senior Transportation buses and have, at times, reduced the reliability of this valued service to the community. Through a 2010 Program Year Essex County Community Development Block Grant of $60,000 which will pay up to 75% of the cost of the new bus, the Township announced today the Township’s Senior Transportation Program has received delivery of a new bus. This new vehicle has an energy efficient diesel engine selected for the following reasons:

o   A diesel engine has greater longevity as compared to a gasoline engine

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o   The diesel has cleaner burning technology

o   The diesel engine is capable of running alternate fuels

o   The diesel engine fits in with the Township’s long term plan for running cleaner burning technology.

It is equipped with a wheelchair lift and is able to transport 16 passengers, and has space for 2 wheelchairs as well as 2 flip-down seats, which provides for an additional 4 passengers when the wheel chair positions are not in use. The old bus will continue in service as a back-up vehicle.

The Senior Transportation program is in service Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm, except when municipal offices are closed. Reservations may be made up to one week in advance, but no later than a day in advance. Most rides are provided to medical and dental services, food shopping, shopping at malls, community meetings and programs, recreational activities, and /or any other destination a resident may desire to visit. On average 3,100 rides are provided annually at no cost to the rider.  Employees of the SYLS office serve as the communications and dispatch center for both passengers and drivers.

The Township of Livingston is proud of its ability to transport its citizens and continuously assesses the program to insure that it is meeting the needs of our aging population.  For more information on this program, please email  or call (973) 535-7925. Alternatively visit the Township website at Click Senior, Youth and Leisure Services in the left hand column to access SYLS program information.