LIVINGSTON, NJ — In honor of America Recycles Day on Tuesday, Livingston resident Walter LeVine, head of the Livingston Recycling and Reclamation Committee, and members of the Livingston Township Council encouraged residents to take a pledge to help reduce waste.

According to the committee's presentation at the township council meeting Monday, President Barack Obama declared Nov. 15 as America Recycles Day in 2009 as part of the Keep American Beautiful initiative.

According to LeVine, America Recycles Day is the only nationally recognized day dedicated to promoting and celebrating recycling in the United States.

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On Monday, Livingston Mayor Al Anthony declared Nov. 15 as America Recycles Day in Livingston as well.

"Recycling has become a $236 billion industry, employing over 1 million workers across the county," said LeVine.

Currently, Livingston is one of 20,000 communities across the county participating in various recycling activities such as electronic recycle days, according to the committee. The Township of Livingston has also made it mandatory to recycle old electronics in order to prevent them from ending up in the trash.

As part of the pledge to help reduce waste and encourage recycling, LeVine encouraged Livingston residents to participate in a three-part pledge:

The first part asks residents to take the time to learn what can be recycled by visiting the township's website. Here, residents can determine when specific items are collected—such as metals, paper and grass clippings.

The second part of the pledge asks residents to "act," which involves making a personal decision to recycle and to reduce personal waste in an effort to help make the community a more energy-efficient town.

The final part of this pledge is "share." By sharing the benefits of recycling with neighbors and encouraging them to reduce their personal trash, the Recycling and Reclamation Committee said the Township of Livingston will greatly cut back on its waste.

"Everyone should encourage one family member or friend to recycle," said LeVine.

Deputy Mayor Shawn Klein, council liaison to the Recycling Committee, thanked all those involved for their hard work and dedication to this cause.

"This committee meets constantly and they should be recognized for doing an outstanding job," he said.

All information on recycling can be found on the township website, including a list of items that can be recycled and where to bring them. There is also more information on how residents can get involved with not only the Recycling Committee, but other environmental committees as well, such as the Composting Promotion Team.

To learn more about America Recycles Day, click HERE.