LIVINGSTON, NJ – On Monday night, the Livingston Town Council participated in two award ceremonies. The first honored members of Livingston Youth and Community Services (LYCS) and the second one was an award ceremony for Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) students at Horizon School (Horizon Elementary School and Horizon High School).


LYCS, which teaches children about the dangers of substance abuse, bullying and other related issues, had 516 students registered this year, according to Susan Ridley, LYCS program supervisor. LYCS offers different programs, separated by grade level.

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Students ranging from grades one through 12 were recognized for their outstanding community service. Patty Arnold, a teacher with LYCS, said she found the gratitude for the members to be appropriate.

“We would like to thank the mayor and town council for acknowledging these very special leaders,” said Arnold. “It’s always a shared success when our members contribute to the township and the township supports our members.”

D.AR.E. Graduation

Following the earlier presentation was an award ceremony for D.A.R.E. students at the Horizon School, which is a special needs school for children with severe disabilities. This marked the first year that the Township of Livingston worked with the establishment.

The students, who officially graduated from the program on April 16, were not in attendance due to their medical needs. However, a certificate was created for each child and his/her name was read aloud, while the school was presented with a plaque with every graduate’s name written on it.

Teachers and administrators involved with Horizon School were also honored, along with Officer Joy Klapal of the Livingston Police Department, who ran the six-week program.

Alan Lowy, vice principal of Horizon Elementary School, mentioned how impactful Officer Klapal truly was toward the students.

He said, “If you were to visit our schools, you would know that most of our students do not speak, most of our students cannot walk—yet they created posters and they responded to the lessons that Officer Joy put before them.”

Re-zoning Areas of Livingston

Ordinance 14-2015, to re-zone split-zoned lots in the area of West Mount Pleasant Avenue near High Country Ski and Sports, was passed unanimously on Monday night.

As for proposed Ordinance 15-2015 that, according to the official document, would require for a minimum of 20 percent of all units behind Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy to be affordable to very-low income, low-income and moderate low-income families (among other stipulations), it was passed to a Second Reading scheduled for July 6.

Mount Laurel Litigation Settlement

Resolutions 15-141 through 15-151 were also unanimously passed. This included 15-147, a resolution allowing changes to be made to the Mount Laurel Litigation Settlement Agreement.  The full details of the agreement can be found on the Town Council’s June 8 agenda.