LIVINGSTON, NJ – At a Livingston Township Council meeting Monday, which included the Livingston Diversity Committee, the Livingston Education Foundation, five brand new Livingston Police Officers and family and friends of local publisher Nancy Dinar, the council discussed potentially raising a Pride Flag in town, announced the winners of the Livingston Alumni Hall of Fame Award, swore in the new officers and honored one of Livingston’s most recognizable faces.

Livingston Education Foundation (LEF) members Heidi Cislo, President Walter LeVine, Vice President and Amy Saffer, Chair, LEF Foundation joined the open meeting to announce the winners of the 2015 Hall of Fame Alumni Awards, recognizing alumni who have achieved success in business, math, science, technology and the creative arts.

“We hope that when they visit, they will inspire not only our current school community but our township citizens as well,” said Cislo. “While the Hall of Fame is about honoring our alumni, it’s important to recognize that is a celebration of education and a connection between education and our Hall of Fame honorees has opened the door to alumni to give back to the public school district that gave them the foundation for their current successes and achievements.”

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Each year, the comittee recognizes notable Livingston High School Alumni who have distinguished themselves professionally and who have given back to the community through volunteering, helping the schools and remaining in Livingston. A $40,000 aggregate of scholarships were awarded to students by way donations from honorees and other LEF supportors. This year's honorees included LHS alum Jodi Gunzberg, Head of Global Technologies at S&P Dow Jones, Dr. Martha Vincent, Toxicologist and Cancer Researcher and Danny Zucker, award-winning Executive Producer of Modern Family.

“While you may consider that this is part of just the public school system of Livingston,” said LeVine. “You can see that many of our graduates have brought distinction, honor and fame to the town itself in recognition of this.”

The LEF personally invited the council and the community to join them at the LHS Hall of Fame reception dinner taking place on Thursday, Oct. 15.

The Livingston Diversity Committee, co-chaired by Susan Berkenbush and Billy Fine, offered a new proposal to raise the Gay Pride Flag at the Livingston Town Hall or the Oval in honor of Gay Pride Month in June. The council was impressed with the presentation and agreed to take the proposal under consideration after Scott Brody described why the flag should fly and outlined the history of the Gay Pride Movement in New Jersey and other parts of the country while members Andrew Burger, Maura Travers, Clair Gordon, Ashley Sanders and Evan Brody held the flag.

The closed portion of the meeting also followed-up on the purchase and/or lease of five new police vehicles, the beginnings of the ground survey for the construction at the Madonna Drive field and other capital improvements. The council then decided that the recycling containers discussed in previous meetings will be placed behind the Senior Center and will be available almost immediately.

Later, Township Clerk Glenn R. Turtletaub swore in five new Livingston Police Officers, including Jason Carrano, Carl McNamara, Raughn Summerville, Jessica Colucci, and Kevin Mullaney. Mayor Michael Silverman, the Council and Chief of Police, Craig Handschuch, personally congratulated each of the officers as well as their families and friends.

Nancy Dinar, Publisher and Owner of the West Essex Tribune, joined the council as they celebrated the retirement. August 3 was officially declared “Nancy Dinar Day” in Livingston. Each Council member personally thanked Diner and congratulated her on her retirement.

In other news, the council passed the final hearing on Ordinance 16-2015, Amending Chapter 170 of the Township Code re-zoning of split lots on S. Livingston Avenue to a B-1 General Business District variance. This will allow the split-zoned property formerly both a residential and a business zone to effectively become a business district only. All other Resolutions were passed, including authorizing a contract with Waste Industries, LLC, for five years of solid waste removal and management for the town.  Residents had the opportunity to discuss the pros and cons of the contract with the Council.

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