LIVINGSTON, NJ — In order to determine the best way to conserve water in Livingston, which is required by the state, the Livingston Township Council is holding a special meeting on Thursday, March 17 for residents to come out and express their opinions, concerns and ideas about the proposed water conservation ordinance.

The currently proposed ordinance limits lawn watering to two days per week per Livingston home, which many residents are concerned will interfere with work, vacationing, Shabbat and other scheduling conflicts. Since the best idea on how to properly conserve water without infringing on too many people’s schedules still remains to be seen, Livingston Mayor Alfred M. Anthony said the more people that speak up at the meeting, the better.

“The whole concept of having [the meeting] is really what this council is about: listening to people’s ideas and trying to come up with the best ones for our town,” said Anthony. “It’s important to know that the council is willing to listen to all the ideas that are presented. One of the good things about this meeting is that the best ideas may still be out there.”

According to Anthony, he has yet to hear anyone imply that conserving water is a bad idea, but many residents want to work with the council in order to create the most convenient lawn-watering schedule for the majority of residents. Anthony said the best idea could still be out there and encouraged residents on behalf of the council to come out for the special meeting on Thursday.