The Webelos of Pack 59 are working on earning their Engineering badges.  So, on Monday, February 4th, a pack of these 4th grade Cub Scouts went to Town Hall and converged on Livingston’s Engineering Department.  What better way to earn your badge than while being “out in the field” with real engineers -- and having fun, too!  

Township Engineer Richard Calbi arranged an afternoon that engaged the youngsters while helping them work toward earning their badges. After a brief overview of engineering, surveying and architecture, the scouts were eager to find out more.  The scouts analyzed floor plans, learned to measure a property line, and will have an up-close view of engineering in action by stopping at the Monmouth Court construction site.  With a copy of the site plan in hand, they will be able to see just what goes on at an active construction site and how engineering plays a critical part in buildings and construction.

 “We’re delighted to have the Webelos come in and work with us to meet the requirements for this badge.  It’s a great opportunity for them to get some “hands’ on” information and experience,” said Calbi.

When they left, each scout went home with a mission:  draw the floor plan of your own house!  The Webelos will complete this and other tasks required to complete the badge.  The work will be reviewed by the leaders, who will then present each scout with a well-earned Engineering badge.