LIVINGSTON, NJ — In a collective effort to make a difference for the entire Livingston High School Athletics Program and all of its student athletes, the Big L Club is inviting the community to its First Annual Big L Casino Night on Friday, Jan. 22 at Hanover Manor.

A $50 fee will buy participants that are 21 years and older all-you-can-eat dinner, soda, beer and wine as well as $100 in “play money” to use at tables sponsored by local businesses. Players could ultimately use their winnings in a raffle that currently includes substantial gift cards, Broadway show tickets with a limo ride included, a one-week Window Worldwide vacation and more.

Casino Night will also end with a “Wine Pull,” where players can pay $20 to pick a cork out of a bowl and win bottles of wine valued between $25-$100.

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“It’s going to be so much fun. You’re sitting at a table like you’re in Atlantic City, only it’s play money and you can put your win-tickets in a prize,” said Big L Club member Patricia "Trish" Duffy. “It’s been coming together really well—even better than I expected.”

Duffy said the Big L Casino Night idea was born when she helped organize a similar event held for Project Graduation in the past. Confident that Casino Night was the most successful fundraiser the Project Graduation committee ever held, Duffy brought the idea to the Big L Club as a fundraiser for the New Year.

The Big L Club, established in 1958 by parents and other local volunteers, is the official Sports booster of Livingston High School. Over the past few seasons, the Big L Club has been honoring longtime traditions by contributing time and funds to a variety of projects while also making some new traditions, like hosting a Casino Night and donating an annual gift to the school.

In the past, the Big L Club has given out 12 scholarships each year to graduating senior athletes. More recently, Big L also gifted exercise equipment for the Fitness and Wellness Center and helped purchase a new softball scoreboard and golf cart for the LHS sports trainers. The Big L Club’s most recent contribution was nine video cameras and the “Krossover” software, which all LHS coaches and teams are able to utilize for instructional purposes.

Seeing last year’s contribution being utilized year-round by many of the teams has made the Big L Club enthusiastic about its progress and bright future.

“The end goal is to make enough money to get a significant gift for the school that will benefit all of the LHS athletes,” said Duffy. “That’s what we’re concentrating on is the Big L being the true booster for the entire athletics department.”

Forms for the First Annual Big L Casino Night can be found on the BIG L website Those interested can also call, text or email Trish Duffy at or 201-532-4514.