LIVINGSTON, NJ — New Jersey Clean Community, a comprehensive, statewide litter-abatement program that has served New Jersey residents for more than 30 years, recently presented Livingston’s Recycling and Reclamation Committee, also known as R&R, with the “Excellence in Education” Award at the Clean Communities Council’s annual award ceremony.

On behalf of R&R, committee chairwoman Renee Resky presented the Livingston Township Council and the committee’s council liaison Shawn Klein with the award at a township council meeting on Monday, July 18.

(R&R), under the leadership of Resky and Councilman Klein, was recognized by the Clean Community Council for its countless volunteer hours and dedication to educating Livingston residents about the negative impact that plastic and paper bags have on the society.

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In 2015, the R&R Committee looked at the problem of disposable carryout bags and the impact that they have on the Township of Livingston. After looking at the overall usage as well as the detrimental and environmental impact that these bags pose, the committee formed a campaign called the “Bag Initiative” in order to encourage residents to reduce plastic and paper bags by using alternative, reusable cloth bags.

The R&R Committee is known locally for sponsoring “Paper Shredding & Electronics Recycling Events” in Livingston, which have recently grown from two to three events annually. The committee is also credited for proposing the centralized “business-recycling center” that is currently housed at 204 Hillside Ave (the Senior/Community Center).

“The Livingston Health Department is very proud to nominate this committee for their outstanding commitment to our community,” a representative said on Monday. “This small committee has really made Livingston a greater place to live.”

Originally formed in February of 2009, R&R continues to research, practice and teach ways to reduce, reuse and recycle in Livingston and surrounding areas.

The next Paper Shredding & Electronics Recycling Event is to be held on Sept. 24, 2016 at the Senior/Community Center at 204 Hillside Avenue in Livingston. Acceptable items include TVs, computers and components, printers, copiers, DVDs, VCRs, rechargeable batteries, small household appliances and other electrical items.  R&R will not accept household hazardous waste, such as CFL light bulbs, car batteries or anything containing mercury.