LIVINGSTON, NJ – Last week, Jabbar Singh from FuelOne, located at 400 W. Mt. Pleasant Ave, presented himself before the Livingston Municipal Court in response to a complaint issued by the agency of Weights and Measures. 

The complaint stated that Singh had violated NJ title 56.6-2a and 56.6-2b on and around June 11, 2015. Singh allegedly violated portion A of title 56 by changing the price of his fuel, as advertised, twice in a 24-hour period. He also allegedly violated portion B of title 56 by selling fuel for less than what was advertised four times in a two day period.

Charges related to the portion A offense and the first offense of portion B were dismissed as part of a plea agreement. Singh pleaded guilty to the following three complaints of portion B: selling fuel for less than what was advertised.

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Singh was ordered to pay a $1500 fine for each offense plus $33 court fee for each offense.

In other LMC news, Teri Dorcelus of Montclair pleaded guilty to an amended charge of driving with an expired license with conditional discharge.

She was ordered to pay $33 in court cost, $50 to the Victims of Crime Compensation Board (VCCB), $75 to the Safe Neighborhood Fund, $50 to DARE, $50 to the State Lab, a $75 conditional discharge fee and $500 to Drug Enforcement Demand Reduction.