Mompreneur Geeta Lahiri, a resident of Roseland, says that using Young Living (YL) essential oils and products has changed the lives of herself and her family members. In fact, using YL essential oils and other therapeutic products has become so important to her that she now teaches free classes on using essential oils efficiently and effectively in people’s daily lives.

She says, “When I was in my 20s and 30s, I was tired all the time and my legs hurt when I woke up. I saw a few doctors and had tests. Although they said everything was normal — I felt terrible.”

“Around this time, my husband recognized that I wasn’t feeling great and suggested cleaning up our lifestyle,” she adds. “We eliminated products with harmful chemicals from our home and began eating organically and using YL products and oils. Little by little, my pain was gone, I was sleeping better, and I was less tired during the day. I had thought pain was just part of life - I was excited to discover that it wasn’t!”

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She adds that her faith in YL products was reaffirmed after she became a mom 11 years ago. She was looking for more natural and holistic products to put on her baby. Once she discovered the YL line for kids and babies, she says, “there was no turning back.”

“Using YL products is a whole new way of being proactive for us,” says Geeta. “They keep my family from getting sick, offer emotional support and keep us healthy.”

However, she’s quick to say that her family isn’t perfect.

“Life is about balance and while there are a lot of chemicals in foods, and we eat organic foods at home, we do still eat out in restaurants and we sometimes use non-organic products in a pinch.”

She says that her kids don’t mind the healthy lifestyle.

“My kids don’t know any different,” she says with a laugh, of her boys who are now 9 and 11.

She says that each boy has a diffuser in his room and that they constantly remind her to set the diffuser up.

“They love using the essential oils,” she says. “They look into themselves and tell me when they need to use the oils. They will come home from school and ask for the Stress Away oils if they have had a tough day in school.”

“They really understand what’s going on in their bodies and use the oils to counteract issues – it’s pretty incredible,” she says.

Geeta also says that essential oils can be used for many reasons including skincare.

“Being in my 40's, skincare for aging skin is now a big a concern of mine. I wash and moisten my face with Frankincense daily because it’s grounding, gives a youthful look to my skin, and evens out skin cells — supporting, regeneration for healthy cells.”

Geeta says that while she is certainly a success story, she has seen her products help other people in many ways.

“My old neighbor had two boys in college with sensitive skin and food allergies,” she says. “Most of the products on the market weren’t working for these active guys. I introduced them to YL bath products and essential oils, and they worked great for them. The products were nourishing for their sensitive skin and they said they had no irritations.”

Geeta also says she knows two people who use essential oils for mental support and clarity. One woman uses it for herself and another for her eight-year-old daughter.

“They use Vetiver, Cedarwood, and Lavender to stay focused and to calm their minds in order to get through work and school,” she says.

According to Geeta, while there are a lot of companies out there selling essential oils, there’s a big difference in quality.

“Since there isn’t a lot of regulation in the US on oils, any oils can be labeled as pure,” she says. “You have to do your research to find 100 percent pure therapeutic oils. That’s why I love this company. They have aggressive quality control.”

She says she enjoys working with people who are interested in natural and wholesome oils – for themselves, their kids and pets and recommends the YL beauty, makeup and personal products.

“I enjoy using non-toxic, really safe and therapeutic healthy products and sharing them with others,” she says. “I love these essential oils and am passionate about sharing them with people in order to help them improve their lives."

Geeta says that you don’t have to be an aromatherapist to use these products. She offers one-on-one support and has a website that includes a “classroom” page with basic information on essential oils, as well as a list of upcoming events that are open to the public.

She says the products are easy to use.

“YL offers a great premium starter kit of 12 essential oils and a diffuser,” she says. “It’s a perfect mix to use for most of life’s concerns. I started out as a YL member – as anyone can, to take advantage of the great products, discounts, and other benefits. Now, I share with others about the products because I feel so passionate about their benefits.”

Geeta teaches wellness classes including a monthly workshop at the Roseland Free Public Library. The next class, scheduled for 1 P.M. on Wed., March 20, will feature toxin-free spring cleaning with DIY projects for guests take home. She is also available to teach free classes/workshops for businesses, gyms, yoga studios, chiropractic offices, and wellness events. She also provides private group or one-on-one classes.