LIVINGSTON, NJ – While many students have just graduated from college, how many have jobs lined up?

“Not many,” according to Beth Hendler-Grunt, owner of Next Great Step, a company that helps college graduates get their first jobs.

According to Hendler-Grunt, 1.8 million students will graduate in 2016 but only about 17 percent are going to have a job.

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She shared this information and more during a recent talk she gave at the National Council of Jewish Women, Essex County Section.

For the past year, Hendler-Grunt has been helping students go beyond the resume to help them set goals, focus on their target interests with a real strategy, clearly articulate their value, and promote themselves with confidence.  She guides clients to network with the right people, effectively research companies and ace the interview for an internship or full time job.

Essentially, she helps candidates do exactly what her company tagline says, “bridge the gap from college to the real world.”

Hendler-Grunt explained that no matter what type of college education a student gets, it is hard to transition from the life of a college student to one as an employee. She shared that although there are some good campus career search programs, most do not offer the necessary preparation she offers at Next Great Step.

Prior to starting Next Great Step, Hendler-Grunt was advising Fortune 500 companies and executives on strategic planning and sales, and, while working in this capacity she realized than many of the entry-level candidates being interviewed were not ready for the positions they were interviewing for. She felt there was a disconnect for candidates who were ending college and joining the work force. A major flaw she saw was that the recent college graduates were not well prepared for the interviewing process.

“A large part of what I tell my clients is they need to find out what they bring to the table—how they can solve a company’s problems,” said Hendler-Grunt to the audience.

Using a proven method, Hendler-Grunt helps her clients determine their worth, their goals, and how to pursue the correct career path. She spends a few sessions helping clients research the fields and companies they wish to work in, prepares them for interviews and makes them take on the “difficult tasks.”

“Every step in this journey is a learning process, so even if a client doesn’t get a job, I have them call and find out why they were not hired,” she said, explaining that this can be hard for anyone, but it is an essential step as it not only prepares her client for the next interview, but it gives them a chance to make another impression.

She shared examples of prior clients who made this tough call, some finding out they were the very next choice, or that someone with a little more experience was chosen. She also explained that at times, the person receiving the call becomes impressed with the candidate’s tenacity, and will keep them in mind for a future job or bring them back in to interview for another current opening.

Another tip she offered was the need to be very prepared. She said that interviewers like to know that candidates have done their homework.

And, she shared that candidates should not take going on an informational interview for granted as “you never know who they will know or how they can help you down the road.”

For those who missed this talk by Hendler-Grunt, she has three more upcoming events planned, which parents and college graduates, as well as current college students are encouraged to attend.

On June 9, she will be speaking at Temple Beth Shalom in Livingston, NJ. Sponsored by The Men's Club at TBS, Next Great Step will be presenting, “Know Your Worth and Value to a Future Employer,” at the next career networking event. All are welcome to attend the event that starts at 7 p.m. Click here to register

On June 13 at 12pm, Hendler-Grunt will be featured on “The Moms on Sirius XM Stars 109.”  She will be discussing the “secrets on how to help your college graduate compete to get the first job or internship.” 

Then on June 16, she will be speaking at the Livingston Public Library, where Next Great Step will be hosting a FREE workshop for parents and students called, “A Fresh Approach to Landing Your First Job Out of College and Beyond.” This event starts at 7 p.m. Click here to register.

To learn more visit Next Great Step.