LOS ANGELES, CA – A local resident recently heard the most famous words in game show history.

“Price is Right” announcer George Gray called Luke Sikorski, a South Orange resident since his freshman year at Seton Hall in 2006, down to Contestant’s Row during a filming on November 17 for the show’s Holiday episodes.

This capped a five-hour long wait to just get into the taping. Like most game shows, The Price is Right films multiple tapings in one day. After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, Sikorski and his girlfriend Jocelyn Nackley finally made it into Bob Barker Studio's last holding area where their group of 30 or 40 people were interviewed by the show’s producers for their chance at appearing on the show.

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Sikorski said you can’t be overly excited as you talk to the producers because they want “genuine people” on stage.

“When you get into the line before you go in, the producers are there,” he said. “They have everyone in a group. Its not like they’re asking you questions, they start a conversation with everyone. They’re looking for genuine people. If you’re over the top excited, almost fake, they kind of frown upon that. They’re looking for people who are generally excited about being brought on.”

Once the group was let into the Bob Barker Studio on the CBS Lot, it took a while for Sikorki and Nackley to get to their seats. But once they did, it wasn’t long before the excitement began.

“I was sitting down for 10 seconds,” he said. “I heard [announcer] George [Gray] call my name out. If I hadn’t stopped talking to people around me, I wouldn’t have even heard my name. My girlfriend [Jocelyn Nackley] didn’t even hear my name. I jumped up and hugged her before she realized my name was called.”

Sikorski won a bidding game on Contestant’s Row, which gave him the chance to play a pricing game on stage with the show’s host Drew Carey.

“I was in utter shock and everyone is cheering when you walk up on stage,” Sikorski said. “I was trying to cool down a little bit and shake Drew’s hand. I wanted to concentrate on playing the game.”

While he can’t discuss the game or if he won until after the show airs, Sikorksi said the whole process of playing the games os more difficult than you think as you watch on TV.

“When you’re sitting in front of your TV and watching, your sitting there bidding,” he said. “You can get mad at people, like how can you bid that. In reality, you have TV cameras on you and people yelling at you, you can’t even think.”

To see if Sikorski came back to South Orange happy, check out Monday’s Holiday Episode of The Price is Right at 11 a.m. on your local CBS station.