LIVINGSTON, NJ — This holiday season, Livingston-based Blue Box Toys is teaming up with Room to Grow to launch a brand new initiative called B Kids Cares, dedicated to supporting non-profit organizations that help children born into poverty. Not every child is fortunate enough to play with toys, let alone develop physically and emotionally. So until January, the B Kids initiative will contribute five percent of each sale at participating specialty stores to the cause — funding the donation of toys that will enrich the lives of children in need.

Room to Grow, located in New York and Boston, is a non-profit organization on a mission to better the lives of low-income families by providing clothing, toys, books and other baby essentials. With a vision of providing parenting support and education on the importance of nurturing their child’s development, Blue Box Toys U.S. President Cliff Seto found Room to Grow the ideal partner this holiday season.

“This toy season is basically 75 percent of our sales,” Seto said. “So if we’re going to start anything this would be the best time to do something and really get the word out.”

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B Kids Cares is working with several retail stores in New Jersey, including The Paint Tube in Englewood, Distinctive Toys in Fair Haven, Jazams in Princeton, Scribbles in Edison and Toys for Thought in Lakewood. Each of the participating retail stores has agreed to donate five percent of the profit for each B Kids Toy it sells to consumers. In the long run, B Kids will donate the money to buying clothing, toys and accessories that will ultimately benefit childhood development that might otherwise be lacking.

“The B Kids brand is zero to three years old, so it’s all about child development,” Seto said. “So we feel like we want to partner with people who can contribute to our cause.”

Room to Grow contributes to the B Kids cause because it shares a similar vision about child development. According to the charity, play is essential in every child’s life because it the way children explore their world, build confidence, motor and concentration skills, exercise imagination and learn through experience. The B Kids are innovators in the development of infant to preschool-age toys that provide a fun, educational and playful experience.

The B Kids Cares initiative is committed to the idea that every child deserves this experience. The first three years of a child’s life are critical to the child’s development, which is why Room to Grow provides a combination of long-term, individualized parenting support and education to help parents create a healthy and secure start for their child. Since 75 percent of toy sales happen between October and December, Blue Box Toys and Room to Grow are devoting themselves to the cause in the hopes that B Kids Cares will become an annual success.

“We want [consumers] to know exactly what they are doing for these children,” Seto said. “We want to spread awareness about Room to Grow so people know what they’re doing and why we do it as well.”

Each time a consumer purchases a Blue Box Toys product, he or she is helping low-income families in the area raise their child. Those interested in purchasing Blue Box Toy products or store locators can find more information at

“We are excited to partner with our retail partners to support Room to Grow and their untiring dedication in helping young children in need,” Seto said. “Developing products that help improve the lives of children is of the utmost importance to us and therefore it was only natural for us to partner with Room To Grow and help them with their efforts.”