On Oct. 14, I was invited to a preview of Fresh Market before the grand opening tomorrow in Livingston. I have been patiently awaiting for this store to open. The bar was set low when the Pathmark of Livingston, NJ closed several years ago. Therefore, I was extremely surprised to find out that Fresh Market was taking the old, dirty Pathmark’s space and they were gut renovating it!!

Let me walk you through my store visit today…


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When you walk in, you can grab a cart. I love the size of this cart.


I don’t like that Whole Foods gives you an option of a mega cart or a basket. The West Orange Whole Foods doesn’t even have wheely basket, only Madison. You can opt for a bigger cart but I love the mini double cart.

Another touch they offer is their own grocery bags. I always seem to forget mine in the car and I love that you can pick these up on the way in:


There are beautiful flowers when you walk in that are usually seasonal. Fresh Market has a floral specialist that can help you with an arrangement if you are so inclined. It is free, of course! Cards and small gifty items are sold upfront as well.


As you walk past the flowers you head straight into produce. This is not your average produce people!! All of the produce is perfect. What do I mean by perfect? The Fresh Market staff hand picks all of their apples, oranges, plums etc., so you do not have to weed through the good ones and the bad ones. They do the job for you! Any apple you pick is an apple you should put in your basket!


The wall of veggies which is mostly organic, goes through what they call their “Crisping Program.” Sit down. Ready for this?

EVERY SINGLE DAY, TWICE A DAY, The Fresh Market Staff cuts off the bottoms of the lettuce so it stays fresh. You will never see the bottom of Romaine Lettuce BROWN! If you wonder why your lettuce lasted a few days longer than the head of lettuce you bought at another market, now you know why!


Even the packaged fruit and veggies looked BEAUTIFUL!



On the wall next to the produce is a HUGE selection of bulk nuts, grains and dried fruit at amazing prices!!


While I was there, the meat and fish department was busy preparing the food for tomorrow so they did not have it on display. Makes sense, right? Why would they put fish or meat out a day early?! Well I learned that they only sell the fish, meat and poultry the day they get it! They get a new delivery six days a week! There are numerous seafood offerings including shellfish, salmon, scallops etc. You can get any size steak you want no matter if it is 1 lb. or 4 ounces. My husband likes a 1 1/2 – 2 inch New York Strip, so he will be psyched he doesn’t have to buy a pre-cut steak out of the case. Everything is ground in store. The Fresh Markets Premium Choice beef includes only the top 10% of all beef in the US. This marbling standard produces the juiciest, most savory beef possible. And the eating quality of their Hereford beef means that it is guaranteed to be tender.


The prepared foods are endless! From gourmet burgers, chicken kabobs, chicken rollups, crabcakes, stuffed tilapia, coconut shrimp, lobster cakes, stuffed shrimp, and on and on!!! Talk about picking up dinner and heating it. By the way, all of the poultry is vegetarian fed, hormone free, with no antibiotics used. On top of it, the prices are exceptional for the quality you are receiving!


After you do your mile walk down the fish, chicken and meat section, enter the Bakery!


The thinking here was that although it may not be good for you, it will be one of the best things you taste. Fresh Market bakes over thirty kinds of their own breads. They sell these gorgeous nut breads, and every Tuesday they are 2 for $5.00! Even the apple pie is $4.99!



and bagels!


Love all these options to bring to someone’s house for dinner.


In the middle of the store is a Salad Bar and a Deli where you can order sandwiches or take a prepared one home!



The Fresh Market offers over 200 types of cheese! My favorite part is that if you have never tried a cheese before, they will let you try anything you want. This way if you hate it, you are not stuck with a $15 small chunk of cheese you will never eat.


Actually, they will let you try ANYTHING in the store before you buy it!!! Which brings me to my 21 Day Fixers!!!

(Editor's Note: Amy Selling/Lulu & Lattes runs a closed Facebook page called The 21 Day Fix October Reboot, which at last glance had over 124 local members who are rallied on by Amy who also provides diet and exercise tips that go along with the program. You can email her for access and information. Here: is a link to a YouTube video where she explains the program. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1YRLIa4SaM)

Ready girls? So I looked around the store to see what I could use, adapt and try new for our group (By the way, next one starts November 3rd, right after Halloween..if you want in you have to email me STAT: amy@luluandlattes.com - title 21 Day Challenge Group)

I found this incredible greek yogurt, SMARI,  that seriously knocked the socks off Siggi’s! I am going to buy it tomorrow (Girls only buy the plain. You don’t even need to buy a flavor, it is THAT good!)


They have our Califia but rumor from Fresh Market is that their almond milk is better! Guess we will see!!


Kale chicken sausage! Yay, a different protein option!!


Another place to buy Vegenaise! Also may try the vegan pesto, however I think the one our challenge group makes may be better! (No girls, you cannot buy the cookie dough cafe below, although it looks amaze balls.)


I am also going to buy this turkey bacon tomorrow.  Why not?!


They have a TON of nut butters to choose from (but again girls - make sure you check the labels for no added sugar!)


Lots of sauces!


Fresh Market told me I HAD to try this E.N.C BBQ sauce! Another thing on my list tomorrow!!


Look at these spices!! This could be the most beautiful display of spices I have ever seen! I would love to have this display in my house just because it looks so perfect.


Coffee anyone? Every flavor you can think of…


There is even an entire section of bulk candy! Yes, they will even create a candy gift basket for you. I tried hard to stay away from this aisle even though candy is one of my weaknesses so I headed for the door knowing I will be back tomorrow for the Grand Opening!!


Hope to see you there where they will be cracking the cheese instead of cutting the ribbon!