LIVINGSTON, NJ – On Thursday night the Livingston Public Library hosted “Mad Science” as a part of their Family Night, with a focus on their summer reading program “Fizz, Boom, Read!”  

Anna Coats, "Miss Anna", from the childrens library, started the presentation by thanking the many sponsors of the summer reading program. “The program was paid for by ‘Friends of the Library’ and was organized by the youth services of the library,” said Coats.

Andrew from “Mad Science” reminded the children in the audience that there are rules to science and they played a game of “Hands Up: hands up, one finger, hands down.” This game helped the people in the audience keep quiet during the science presentation.

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“Are you ready to see science? Are you ready to see magic? I am a scientist, not a magician,” Andrew told the audience. “I want to show you guys the difference.” To show the audience the difference between magic and science Andrew did a card trick.

The card trick showed that the scientist could not find the right card, but he was able to make the card disappear by using science and setting it on fire. With this quick experiment he was able to teach the summer reading students that fire goes out when it lacks oxygen.

The "Mad Scientist" was able to teach the children and adults of the audience many other quick and slow experiments, focusing on chemistry. He showed reactions with liquids changing colors and gloves filling up with polyurethane due to chemical reactions.

The next Family Night is “Jazz Musical Legends: Fire Children” on Thursday, July 17 at 7:00 p.m. To find out more information about the summer reading program at the Livingston Public Library, click HERE