Michael H. Karu, CPA/CFF, Co-Managing Member, Levine, Jacobs & Company, L.L.C., was highlighted in the May 2012 issue of Commerce magazine – the flagship publication of the Commerce & Industry Association of New Jersey. 

In the special Accounting Roundtable section, participants were asked if President Obama will win another term and, if so, what will that mean for the economy?  According to Michael Karu, one of the accounting managing partners interviewed, “….We are advisors.  We are not politically motivated and do not believe that, simply because one party or the other is in office, all of the country’s economic woes will suddenly disappear.  Economic resurgence starts with whether the small business owner has the confidence in the administration and its policies.  If the business owner does not have confidence in the current administration, he or she has the right to exercise his or her vote and elect a new one.  While each party may have an underlying agenda, it is inherent on small business owners to take advantage of every opportunity to better their financial position.  After all, business is business, whichever party is in office.  We do not expect to provide different advice dependent upon the party in office.  Smart business is the rule.  The business owner must set reasonable goals, and then take the appropriate steps to attain them.  Additionally, the business owner must be flexible.  When we hear someone say, ‘We’ve always done it like that’ or ‘We’ve never done it like that,’ we know that it’s time for change.  The best advice we can give anyone with regard to business and politics is to ‘rely on your management team and not the government’..”

Michael Karu is qualified by the Superior Court of New Jersey as an expert witness and as an authority on business valuations, specifically for closely held or family-owned businesses.  In addition, Michael is a Certified Divorce Mediator.

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