NUTLEY, NJ — A vehicle traveling through Nutley crashed into a home on Tuesday afternoon around 4:15 p.m. According to people living in the area, the Nutley Police Department, Nutley Fire Department, and Nutley Volunteer Emergency and Rescue Squad "responded in minutes."

The home is located on Passaic Ave near Lakeside Dr. An area resident, Nancy, described what she heard and saw.

"I heard a crunch, it sounded like someone got rear-ended," she said. "When I looked outside there were cars slowing down."

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She then said she went back inside and heard the fire engines coming. She described the vehicle as "looking like an SUV that went through someone's garage at the corner of Passaic and Lakeside." Nancy stated that it took about a half hour to get the driver out of the vehicle.

She also explained that the first responders had to take the back seat out of the vehicle with the "jaws of life." Nancy pointed out that much of the brick in the area of the strick on the house was knocked down.

The person believed to be the driver was heard telling rescuers that his foot hurt. He was taken from the scene on a stretcher wearing a neck brace. 

When another neighbor in the area questioned why there were two fire trucks responding to the scene, it was explained that there is no way to know exactly how many firefighters would be needed based on a 911 call. In this case, only the driver needed to be rescued, but it could very well have been a situation whereby residents of the home needed help. 

It was also explained that, because of the chance of a gasoline line puncture, a crew would be ready to handle that situation. According to responders, the possibility of a structure collapse from a vehicle striking a building was another reason for the response.

One of the neighbors watching the scene said they fire trucks arrived shortly after the first sounds of the crash