LIVINGSTON, NJ – Staring Fri. April 18, the students of Mount Pleasant Middle School will be participating in a 4 day experiment called ‘Techno Tune-Out’.  During the program students will have to remove virtually all things technology related from their day to day routine. 

Mt. Pleasant Science Teacher, Doug Jay, defines the objective of the project:  “Our students are digital natives and this constant barrage of technology may be stifling their creativity and imagination. We are simply asking that they take a step back from all of the technology that absorbs their time and energy (video games, texting, computers, TV, etc.) and focus on the dynamic of the family, the beauty and curiosity of nature, and the well of imagination within themselves.”

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The roll out assembly for students was held on the morning of Fri. April 12.  Kids will be encouraged to take the experiment seriously and Mr. Jay has taken extra measures to make sure that happens.  Participating students will have to sign a contract and are required to get multiple witness signatures as well. 

“In our fast-paced, technology-driven society, it is essential that we as a community do not lose touch of human to human interaction, both intrapersonal and interpersonal,” explains Jay.  “From an environmental perspective, students are lowering their carbon footprints by using less electricity, and receiving a better appreciation for the world around them by actually spending time in the world around them. Should the entire family be involved, it will present an opportunity for reestablishing a bond that our quick-paced society has stripped from us.”

Students that successfully complete the 96 day challenge will be awarded to a ninth period recess, enjoying the outdoors.

This is the first year Mount Pleasant Middle School is offering the challenge to its entire school body.  According to Jay, “The country has similar events taking place the week of April 29 (De-Screen yourself, Digital Detox). We will utilize this experience as a springboard for some of our kids who enjoyed it to try it again for the national movement.”