LIVINGSTON, NJ – According to LPS, Mt. Pleasant Middle School students will never look at science and engineering the same way again. Certainly not the students who got stuck on a Velcro wall to teach Sir Isaac Newton's three laws of motion and universal laws of gravity. (See a slide show of photos by clicking HERE).

It was all part of a program called FMA Live! Forces in Motion. MPMS hosted three shows on March 16 for Livingston’s fifth and sixth grade students that featured a hip-hop concert, extreme wrestlers, giant sticky wall, and video interviews with NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration scientists. (See film on the program on FiOS1 by clicking HERE).

Honeywell and NASA created the program to inspire future innovators in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). “This was a lot more than sitting through a couple hours of lecture, listening to talking and talking and talking,” said Zain Tareen, a sixth grader already thinking about a future in engineering. “There was action that really makes you pay attention to it.”

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The action included Livingston’s Supervisor of K-8 Science Dan Calligaro, getting dunked with applesauce; and teachers going belly to belly to demonstrate that force = mass x acceleration. Mt. Pleasant Middle received a crystal apple for hosting the presentations.

“This was a cross between science and math, subjects that students find difficult in middle school,” said MPMS teacher Kimmarie Lui. “This was a fun way to get the ideas across and it was done in a grand style.”