Realty Company Charged with Failure to Register Fuel-Burning Units

Defendant Munn Chestnut Realty Association LLC, based out of Lakewood, was charged by the Essex County Regional Health Commission for failing to register three fuel-burning units. For this offense, they entered a guilty plea, and received a $1,500 fine, plus a $33 court cost.

South Orange Woman Pleads Guilty to Issuing Bad Checks

Cara Godbold of South Orange was charged with three counts of issuing bad checks to Shop Rite of Livingston. Two of the complaints were dismissed as part of a plea agreement, though the defendant did plead guilty to one count. A judge ruled that she pay a $50 fine, a $33 court cost, $50 to the Victims of Crime Compensation Organization, $75 to the Safe Neighborhood fund, and she must make restitution to Shop Rite by paying them $1,007.40.