LIVINGSTON, NJ — In a sold-out NJBIZ event honoring the Best 50 Women in Business who have made a difference, the coveted Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Sally Glick, the first female principal and chief growth strategist at the Livingston-based, certified public accounting firm Sobel & Co., LLC. More than 650 people attended the annual event, which generally attracts 300-350 and experienced record attendance this year.

Glick was primarily recognized for her uncanny ability to create strong professional and personal relationships, which in her opinion is the most crucial characteristic for success in business. Although Glick said that being recognized with this award was the furthest thing from her mind and was one of the single most exciting things to happen to her professionally, she was quick to acknowledge the other 50 women who were also recognized for their success.

“Every single one of these 50 women is terrific at building relationships and that’s why they were recognized in the state,” said Glick, who was proud to be recognized as a catalyst for bringing all of these people together, but did not want her success to overshadow anyone else’s accomplishments. “I don’t want anything about one person to diminish the excitement for the others who are clearly winners of lifetime achievement in their own way and in their own organizations.”

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More than anything, Glick said she was thrilled to hear from people across the state that congratulated her via phone calls and emails, continuously thanking her for her friendship and for sharing her message about building relationships. Glick, who sees herself as just a normal woman living in New Jersey and trying to have a positive impact on other people’s lives, said it was inspiring to know that this is what NJBIZ wants the Lifetime Achievement Award to stand for.

“How wonderful is it that a newspaper acknowledges women in the state—talks about the 100 most powerful, talks about the top 50, talks about a lifetime achiever?” said Glick. “I was in awe. When you hear of someone getting an award like that, you think, ‘wow they must be someone special,’ and the reality is that I’m absolutely like everyone else. I’m just a person who likes to help other people, and if that’s what NJBIZ calls a ‘Lifetime Achievement’ then I’m thrilled with that.”

Glick said that this particular award was more exciting than almost anything else she’s been recognized for because she wasn’t being rewarded as someone setting a bar that is impossible for others to reach. Some other women who have been recognized by NJBIZ include the CEO of Campbell Soup, the CEO of KPMG in Short Hills and the CEO of Children’s Specialized Hospital, who Glick says set the bar for what “Lifetime Achievement” means.

In fact, it was for this reason that Glick was completely awestruck when she got the call announcing her as this year’s Lifetime Achievement honoree.

“You look at these exciting, dynamic women and think, ‘I could never be the CEO Campbell Soup,’ but you could be me,” said Glick. “You could be a person building connections, helping other people, developing meaningful relationships. I’m being recognized for something everybody could do and I think that makes it really special.”

According to NJBIZ, whose honorees are carefully selected by a group of New Jersey’s business leaders, Glick deserved this award because she exemplifies the mentorship that women in business need to succeed. NJBIZ said she is consistently acknowledging and promoting others and their accomplishments, which makes her a successful businesswoman that the younger generation should look up to.

“When Sally meets someone for the first time she thinks, ‘who do they need to know to help them reach their goal?’” said Colleen Logan, an Assistant at Sobel & Co., LLC. “Once she figures out who would benefit from the relationship she makes the introduction, whether it is by email, phone or an in person meeting. She is amazing at remembering every aspect of a person’s life and uses it to benefit others. If she gets something in return that is just a bonus to her.”