LIVINGSTON, NJ - South Orange resident Patricia Brady-Danzig can now add author to her long list of accomplishments.

The internationally-known soprano and founder of the PEL Chamber Trio, has written a children’s book titled Fabrizio's Fable, a cat and mouse tale about a plucky little Italian mouse named Fabrizio and a hungry cat named Luigi. Brady-Danzig was at the Livingston Public Library on Wednesday, Nov. 30 to read her book, which is written in English and Italian and comes with a CD, to an audience of rapt children.

Brady-Danzig told the group she had always sung in Italian explaining that most classical singers always study Italian before learning to sing in other languages. A few years ago she decided to “beef up” her Italian grammar so she took an Italian language course at Seton Hall University. The class led to her book in a roundabout way.

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Brady-Danzig explained that each student in her Italian class had to give a speech in Italian to the rest of the class. Instead of a speech, she went home and wrote a story about a cat and a mouse and then translated it into Italian for her speech. Her professor loved the story so much she suggested that Brady-Danzig make it into a book. And that’s how Fabrizio’s Fable was born.

Before having it published, Brady-Danzig had four Italian scholars check the Italian translation to make sure everything was correct. The story has now been trademarked and branded and will become a series of books about Fabrizio. There may even be a Fabrizio doll in the near future.

“I can’t believe the way it has grown,” Brady-Danzig said.

The book comes with a CD which features the Cranford Celebration Singers Children’s Choir singing the Fabrizio song, which was written by the author and Brady-Danzig reading the story in English and Italian.

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