Is this the right time for a School Referendum that would provide capital investment in our elementary and middle schools?

Maintaining facility infrastructure has been identified as a need in the School District Strategic Plan since 2007. Our infrastructure will require attention/replacement in the very near future. The infrastructure needs have met the State requirements as Tier One Projects- for which the State will provide an unprecedented 40% of the costs as a grant! Simply put, given the need and the opportunity for state grant support, the answer is yes.

Along with air quality and ADA compliance, Question One on the Referendum will deal with safety. Roofs or portions of roofs that have reached their life expectancy would be replaced. Where needed, stairwells would be repaired and non-slip treads and railings would be replaced to ensure student and staff safety.

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Older interior doors were 'up-to-code' for fire resistance when they were installed, and although considered safe, they do not meet today's updated standards. Designated doors would be replaced so that in the event of a fire, they would serve to contain smoke and flames to a particular location or keep the fire from spreading rapidly. It is prudent to consider the use of the state grant support for 40% of the renovation costs. Otherwise, it would mean paying 100% in future dollars that would buy less as costs increase, and might also require cutting non-mandated programs such as full-day kindergarten and nurses in every building that maintain education as a major asset for Livingston.

The special election is scheduled for December 8th. The deadline for voter registration is November 17. Learn more at