It is impressive how Livingston High School offers 27 AP classes. It just goes to show how lucky these kids are to live in this area where the school has enough funding to provide for such high level classes. Many other schools in New Jersey would love to have this type of funding in their school. They cannot offer as many opportunities that Livingston High School can offer their students.

These AP classes give students the ability to get ahead and be more prepared for college. The more funding the school has through taxes, alumni, and more, the better off the school will be. Funding leads to opportunities. The more opportunities kids can take advantage of, the likelihood of them going to a more prestigious college increases. Even the teaching staff and extra activities will help the student’s future.

A good teaching staff helps push the students to be the best they can be. If students see their peers succeeding and taking AP classes they will try to compete with them and do the same. This probably contributed to the high number of 1,178 exams the students at Livingston High School took during the 2013-2014 school year.  Livingston High School students should be grateful of the opportunities they are receiving.