It’s all about physical fitness. It’s what allows elite skiers to compete in the most extreme conditions and at their highest levels.  An obvious way to ensure your enjoyment and performance is with the appropriate level of strength, endurance and conditioning.

A balanced program focusing on aerobic fitness, strength training, core and balance is the way to get the most out of this winter sport.

Aerobic health will allow you to enjoy a long day on the slopes.  Low and high intensity training are important to maximize the benefit.  Cross training is great for building a base of fitness.  Low intensity workouts is where you train without losing your breath. 30 -40 minutes 3 or more times per week. Examples include road and off road bikes, jogging, and swimming is great at building cardiovascular fitness.

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High intensity builds on explosive power of the anaerobic system. Interval exercises will improve stamina, strength, and speed on the slopes.  30-60 seconds sprints on the bike, trail or treadmill can be repeated nearing your max potential. Strength training is very important.  Focusing on the quadriceps, hamstring, calves and abductors need to be addressed in the weight room.  Squats and lunges work different muscle groups and can be done one or more times per week.

Plyometrics stretch and contract your muscles while building your anaerobic potential.  These exercises include jumping, squats, and single leg hops.  Plyometrics require max force in a short period of time and will help build power strength and agility. Some exercises should be avoided in those that have had an injury or are too young.