LIVINGSTON, NJ — A proposed ordinance amending the current zoning to prohibit “vape” shops and other such establishments from opening within Livingston’s business districts was unanimously passed on a first reading on Monday by the Livingston Township Council after hearing concerns from residents about a store called “Good Guy Vapes” being opened in the area across from Livingston Town Center.

Many residents have expressed concern that such a business would create a health issue for local youth.  In fact, members of an online social media group are in the midst of answering a “yes or no” poll as to whether a vape shop be allowed to open in this area, with approximately 65 percent of respondents voting against it as of Wednesday night.

“There are a lot of studies that show medically that people who vape are much more likely to smoke cigarettes, so vaping really is an important health hazard,” said Councilman Shawn Klein. “I think we need to keep our eye on the ball and it’s very important that we’re taking the steps.”

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According to the ordinance, any commercial establishment whose “principal business” is the retail sale of or service of electronic smoking devices, liquid nicotine or vapor products would be prohibited in the business district if adopted. The ordinance also prohibits any commercial establishment that is engaged in the retail or wholesale sale of any drug paraphernalia.

An “electronic smoking device” is defined by the township as an electronic device that can be used to deliver nicotine or other substances to the person inhaling from the device. This includes, but is not limited to, an electronic cigarette, cigar or pipe.

“Liquid nicotine” is considered by the township to be any solution containing nicotine that is designed or sold for use with an electronic smoking device.  Liquid nicotine containers would also be prohibited.

A “vapor product” is defined as “any noncombustible products containing nicotine that employs a heating element, power source, electronic circuit or other electronic, chemical or mechanical means, regardless of shape or size, to produce vapor from nicotine.”

All council members voted in favor of the proposed ordinance, and the final public hearing for this ordinance will held on July 16.

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