LIVINGSTON, NJ — Members of the Livingston Township Council expressed their enthusiasm about a pending ordinance to authorize the modification of the existing parking restrictions on Foxcroft Drive near Heritage Middle School.

The final hearing of the ordinance, which will help improve the traffic conditions turning right off of Foxcroft onto Hillside by instating an improved egress as well as new parking restrictions, will be held on Oct. 9.

“This is something that shows the responsiveness of the council—I think people are very happy about this,” said Livingston Mayor Shawn Klein. “There are a lot of backups around the school and we worked with the board of ed to widen that street. We’ve had great feedback from the neighborhood that the traffic is backing up a lot less there, so we’re very happy with the outcome of that so far.”

Council members said the ordinance was a “no-brainer” and that they only hope police officers are able to reinforce the new parking regulations in the area in order to keep traffic moving.