It is common for Realtors or real estate website visitors to set up email alerts for properties meeting criteria to be sent as matching properties hit the market. What is not common is for the email alert system to have intelligence, logic, flexibility and fun built-in along with chatting functionality.

At Jordan Baris, Inc. Realtors, we are constantly improving and updating the technology we use. As industry leaders, we often have the benefit of tools that are not widely available which give our clients an edge.

We recently began using a new and amazing email alert tool for helping clients find ideal properties.  Instead of simply looking for homes given basic criteria, it allows us or you, to fully customize your search with a vast array of options including easily clicking on likes and dislikes for any property sent. This info is used to improve the search experience.

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A great feature is that it will calculate distances and driving times from each property sent to anywhere you choose, such as your commuting time to work, schools, gyms, coffee shops or anywhere else for each and every property.

When it comes to location, the map feature makes it very simple to draw boundaries for as many areas to include in the search as you like. For example, if someone was looking in Livingston for a condo in only either the Regency Club or the Fairways, we simply draw boundaries around each of the developments and only condominiums in those specific developments will be sent. If you want to limit the search to only first floor master problem.

A huge difference in our search technology is that it scans every single photo for every single listing on the GSMLS (Currently over 11,000 listings and which means about a quarter million photos). When scanning the photos our program finds and remembers things like exposed brick, soaring ceilings, large yards and other elements of a search a client may be interested in but is not an “MLS input criteria”. This means we have more automated search criteria than others.

To make things really easy It also allows for One - Click appointment setting.  When a client sees a property they like, they just have to click once to schedule an appointment to view it with us.  This is a huge time saver for our Buyers and benefits our Sellers and for us as Realtors as well.

On each listing, there is a place to click on likes and dislikes. As we send more listings, we will list which of the likes are featured in each home and avoid sending homes with too many “dislike” elements.

One of our favorite features is that it allows us to engage in chatting within every specific property listing.  Clients can send messages right from any particular house and we can converse with them easily, avoiding the need to constantly identify the property being discussed.

We make it easier to find a dream home.

Hey, we know that email alerts are commonplace in our industry, however, our new system  is simply leaps and bounds ahead.  It is unique and special as it allows for more input and  interaction between our clients and ourselves.  The systems that we have in place act as support which reduces each agents overhead and saves time for everyone.

If you are interested in buying, selling or a real estate career and want to talk, please give us a call.  We would love to talk with you.

Sage & Ali

Jordan Baris, Inc. Realtors