LIVINGSTON, NJ - Recently retired after 24 years as a Livingston police officer, Republican Chuck Granata and his running partner Allan Feid are seeking the two available spots on the Livingston Township Council.

Granata explained his and Feid’s platform if elected on Nov. 6.

“We would encourage more responsible oversight of the township’s operation, which would lead to better control over spending and less taxes. We’d also promote honest, open government,” Granata said. “I feel that the majority party has become so entrenched and comfortable that they’ve lost sight of who they were elected to represent, and why they need to make accountability a priority.”

Granata added that spending and property taxes have “skyrocketed” during the last several years, due to “poor” oversight and management of major building projects such as the library and town hall.

“These projects resulted in needless delays and millions of dollars in cost overruns. Then too, an alarming number of businesses have moved out of town, leaving many empty storefronts and buildings. The majority-controlled council has proceeded to 'spend, spend, spend' as though there were an unlimited pot of money in Livingston,” Granata said.

To remedy these problems, Granata said he and Feid would:

1. Prioritize all major projects, and approve only those that are essential

2. Ensure that all projects are well-managed and that the public receives a monthly report on every dime spent and why

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3. Support the creation of a sound, professional “Economic Redevelopment” plan that would streamline approval procedures and encourage the success of businesses who choose to call Livingston their home.

The seasoned police officer said he decided to run for office because he loves Livingston and feels that he has a perspective that no other council candidate has.

“I’ve worked here for 24 years, 12 of those years full-time in our schools, I’ve lived here for 15 years, and I’ve been a Board of Education member for more than six years. This extended time has afforded me a unique, versatile view of how the Township operates from the ground up, inside and out. I’ve patrolled our streets day and night, have grown up, celebrated and grieved with thousands of residents and families, and have made hard decisions as a Board of
Education insider. I have experienced Livingston’s rhythm as no other candidate – past or present – has,” Granata said.

The candidate added that the townspeople know him and know that he’s not afraid to make the “right” choices, even if they may be unpopular to some.

After his original running mate, Ray Liebman dropped out of the race, Granata said he is thrilled to have Feid onboard.

“Allan’s unblemished reputation as a business owner and native of Livingston was something I was aware of from the time I began my career as a police officer,” Granata said. “Once I got to know Allan as a running mate, I found that he is also knowledgeable, responsive and caring – and that he truly loves Livingston and wants the best for all of us who live here.”

Regarding his opinion toward the Democrat candidates, Granata voiced his concerns about their platform.

“They both seem like nice people; however, I have serious concerns about their ability to make the changes necessary in Livingston’s government because they represent failed traditions. They are backed and controlled by the same majority party that has driven Livingston into the rut that it is now in, which means that if they are elected, we are destined for 'more of same' at a moment when we desperately need new voices, fresh and experienced perspectives and real change,” Granata said.

Aside from patrolling Livingston for over two decades, Granata is a record producer at Sony, an author of three books and was a producer, engineer and occasionally co-hosted for Nancy Sinatra’s weekly radio show on Sirius-XM. Granata is currently writing two new books, and working on the demo for his own radio show.

Granata resides in Livingston with his wife of 25 years and two daughters.

Feid did not reach The Alternative Press for comment by press time.

Granata said that he enjoys speaking with all residents, and hearing their concerns and ideas. They can be reached at