WEST CALDWELL, NJ – Day two of the trial in the case of the State of New Jersey vs. Michele Meade, Livingston's township manager, took place at West Caldwell court yesterday.

After the defense called two witnesses (Janet Kelton, a teacher at the Livingston Community Center pre-school and Jennifer Hessberger, director of Senior Youth & Leisure Services) who gave their testimonies and were cross-examined, the defense rested and Judge Bridget A. Stecher announced that she was reserving her ruling for a later date.

Stecher then announced that both sides had until May 23 to complete and deliver written summations to her, and that she would render a written decision shortly after.

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While Kelton was only able to testify about the emotional climate that was aroused by the sighting of Livingston officer Vince Daly, while he was setting up in the Community Center parking lot to role play as a sniper/observer for the Emergency Service (ESU) training, all other witnesses who appeared Tuesday and yesterday gave direct testimony of what they observed between Meade, Sgt. Kenneth Hanna, Officer Charles Mollineaux and Kelly Mollineaux.

The other six witnesses testified that Meade was upset, was screaming and used profanity while engaging Hanna, Charles Mollineaux and Kelly Mollineaux, however, all witnesses but Hessberger testified that Meade walked into Charles Mollineaux's hand while trying to approach Kelly Mollineaux and that she then made contact with Kelly Mollineaux’s chest, arm and camera.

Instead, Hessberger testified that Charles Mollineaux put his hands on Meade’s shoulders and was “100 percent sure” that Meade never made physical contact with Kelly Mollineaux at any point. The court did not hear direct testimony from Meade during the trial.

Stecher commended both sides for putting an enormous amount of work into the case and thanked them for their professionalism.

** Regarding yesterday's article: Trial Begins Against Livingston Township Manager Michele Meade Tuesday, TAP was recently notified that Judge Stecher was incorrect in saying that the ordinance was amended on April 22, 2013. It was last amended in 2010. Click here to see ordinance.


Prosecution Witnesses:

Sgt. Kenneth Hanna – LPD, charged Meade with “disorderly conduct.” State withdrew charge on Tuesday.

Kelly Mollineaux – Civilian photographer, charged Meade with “assault.”

Off. Charles Mollineaux – Belleville Police officer, Kelly’s husband.

Off. Vince Daly – LPD.

Off. Frank Salerno – Little Silver Police.


Defense Witnesses:

Janet Kelton – Pre-school teacher at the Livingston Community Center.

Jennifer Hessberger – Director of Senior Youth and Leisure Services.


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