The brain-training experts at LearningRx of Short Hills want to help conquer learning struggles. They have helped over 100 people in their first year in Short Hills to overcome cognitive weaknesses that may be holding them back.

The event was a huge success with prizes to be won. "Guests and relatives were able to compete against our current students and graduates for some great prizes donated by some of our clients." said Tiffany Smookler, Assistant Director of LearningRx of Short Hills. "The games that were played were ones that we use in training."

According to Smookler, training usually results in better grades, but parents see other benefits too. "Quite often, the most amazing result is the dramatic jump in self-esteem, confidence, attitude, and overall achievement.  These kids and adults really feel smarter after the training, so they know they can do better in all areas of life."  

For more information on LearningRx, please contact Tiffany Smookler at (973) 376-4646.