Over the holiday break, members of Temple B’nai Abraham of Livingston embarked on a Family Mission to Israel, which was geared to families with children as well as grandparents and other relatives. This family trip, led by their Rabbi, Clifford Kulwin and chaired by Short Hill residents Marjie and Scott Zucker, was open to the entire congregation whose membership resides in numerous towns in the MetroWest area including Livingston, Millburn, Short Hills, West Orange, Maplewood and South Orange.
In the fall as families were making reservations to join the trip, it became apparent that all who had chosen to sign up coincidentally were from Short Hills. This unexpected geographic “alignment,” enabled those who might have known each other perhaps through causal acquaintance at school, township activities and temple, forge a deeper and unique community connection.
Reflecting on her Israeli journey and the Short Hills link, Marjie Zucker, who is also the B’nai Abraham Membership Co-chair, noted, “It was a wonderful experience to be able to share this journey with our Rabbi and other members of our congregation. From Friday night services at the Western Wall to Saturday morning services on Masada, it was truly a very spiritual trip and one to remember.” She continued, “The group bonded over long days of sightseeing and long nights of good conversation. I found it interesting that every family on the trip was from Short Hills — it gave the kids a chance to make some new friends who they will no doubt now see in the hallways at school. And it gave the parents the opportunity to make new friends in the community as well.”
Pictured together in the ancient seaport city of Caesarea, Israel are the members of the TBA Family Mission group:
Bottom row: Eric Lieberman (sitting), Steve Lieberman, Lexi Lieberman, Becca Lieberman, Risa Lieberman, Bernice Lieberman, Jack Lieberman
Second row: Jake Morrow, Zack Morrow, Heidi Morrow, Rachel Bressman, Mackenzie Morrow, Noah Kulwin, Rabbi Clifford Kulwin , Molly Kulwin, Robin Kulwin
Third row: Sammy Zucker, Marjie Zucker, Scott Zucker, Max Zucker, Sydney Weinstein, Lily Zucker, Todd Morrow, Barry Herman, Cherie Herman, Sandy Roth, Fred Roth
Fourth row: Cary Heller, Spencer Heller, Ileen Heller, Remi Heller, Ronni Weinstein, Zack Weinstein, Barry Weinstein