With the recent announcement of the skate park construction to start on April 19th, the skate park committee members have been able to put the preparations for the opening of the park in high gear.

On Saturday, May 1st there will be a town-wide informational meeting which will give the skate park committee the opportunity to brief the residents of Livingston on the details of the township's first facility built specifically for use by skateboarders, in-line skaters and BMX riders. The committee will be sharing the rules and regulations in addition to registration details on how residents can sign up for their helmet sticker that will be required for use of the skate park.

Alan Karpas, co-chair skate park committee, said, "The rules and regulations process started in the Summer of 2008 with a committee of skaters chaired by Chris Li. The first thing they did was coin the slogan "Respect Gets Respect" which will govern the park. They then studied other towns' rules & regulations and took the best of each municipality. Once that was done, they submitted it to the skate park committee which made a few revisions. The skate park committee then submitted the rules & regulations to the Department of Senior, Youth & Leisure Services. Jennifer Hessberger, department Director, called a meeting which included the Department of Public Works, the Police and the skate park committee. From that meeting a final draft was drawn and has been given to the Town Council to review for approval."

The committee is working closely with the Town Council and various Township departments to ensure a safe, clean and inviting environment for all to enjoy. Visit www.LivingstonSkatePark.org regularly for updated information.