Soumitra Rathod has announced his candidacy as a member of the Livingston Board of Education.

A “global citizen”, Rathod has lived in India, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and London UK, before obtaining US citizenship for the excellent quality of life here, and to live the American dream. 

Rathod said that when he and and his family were looking to settle down in the New Jersey area, they looked for high quality education for their children. Since 2003, they are proud to call Livingston their home. Their two sons, Rishi and Dev, began with the Livingston school district from kindergarten, and are currently in the fifth and seventh grades.

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Rathod is an international executive with 23 years of experience and building and running global organizations, delivering profitable results, and operating in multi-cultural environments. He has a bachelor’s degree in accounting, and an MBA from one of India’s top ten business schools, both with the equivalent of a magna cum laude.

The candidate is a vice president with a New York City-based $6 billion company. A global leader, which is second largest in the US, his firm is involved in the development of teaching and learning services. Through a comprehensive range of traditional and digital education content and tools, the company empowers teachers, and prepares students and professionals to learn and succeed in the global economy.  The company publishes educational content in more than 65 languages, and is in 33 countries.

Rathod explains that as a technology leader with worldwide responsibilities, he oversees programs that cover educational materials and solutions for preK through 12th grade, as well as higher education and professional/adult education. “Many of these solutions been recognized as best in class by US educational organizations, and have won numerous awards,” Rathod says.

His responsibilities encompass managing international teams.  “It is an interconnected global economy”, he says. “We use the most appropriate talent regardless of where they are located.  There are logistical and cultural challenges when dealing with global virtual teams, but when you have a common purpose these are surmountable through process, communication, cooperation and innovation.” 

Recognized as a leader in globalization, Rathod is a frequent speaker at events across the USA as well as internationally.  Most recently, he was in Beijing as the keynote speaker at the Chinese Ministry of Education’s symposium on Workforce Development for undergraduate students.

  Rathod is on the board of Forrester International Consultants, where he advises on education services in China.

“The Rathod family is passionate about education and volunteering,” the candidate says. His wife, Michelle Peters, also an MBA, has been on the Collins School PTA board in the role of vice president and then president. She has been on the Budget Task Force for the past 4 years, is currently the Treasurer of PT Council and is on the executive board of Heritage Middle School.

Rathod and his family are actively involved in an international charity which helps underprivileged children in India complete K-12 schooling, undergraduate degrees, and vocational courses.

“Our children have to compete globally: it is today’s reality. International students in the US have increased by 32 per cent over the past decade,” Rathod notes. “In turn, we need to strengthen our excellent school district by recognizing the challenges that our children will face in the new global economy. Our approach to education needs to be adaptive, and we need to achieve that with flat or marginal increases to our budget.”

Rathod says that he brings with him an international perspective to contemporary education. “I have deep knowledge of technology in education, robust budgetary skills with a track record of development and adherence to budgets that are significantly larger than the budget of the school board, and proven success in planning and implementing complex programs worth several hundreds of millions of dollars annually; all areas that complement the existing board with fresh outlook that will enable our students to remain competitive in today’s global environment. I welcome discussions on our school district, and can be e-mailed at”