LIVINGSTON, NJ — Less than a week after the Livingston High School (LHS) 2018 lip dub was completed, the video celebrating the high school’s 65th anniversary has nearly 5,000 views on YouTube.

The project is a year in the making for LHS senior Matt Feresten and juniors Adriana Franchino and Sabrina Katz, who wrote, directed and produced the 10-minute lip dub. The video was filmed live during school on May 26, and features the entire student body.

The directors said they “accomplished everything [they] could’ve envisioned and more in only two takes,” and that the video far exceeded their expectations. They added that they hope it creates a sense of togetherness when the community sees the new lip dub.

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“When shooting was over I almost collapsed in joy and disbelief that it was over and everything went so smoothly,” Katz said. “When the video was finally published, I started to tear up a little bit. It was a crazy feeling to be able to just click on a link and see everything that we’d worked so hard for over 11 months.”

When they finally saw the finished project, Franchino said she was blown away by what they had accomplished.

“I thought the final product exceeded all of my expectations and was better than I could have hoped for,” Franchino said. “We have gotten an insane amount of positive feedback from everyone in the community. It really is nice to know that 11 months of hard, long work paid off.”

The film crew, made up of about 25 students who have been hard at work throughout the school year to perfect the project, arrived at school at 6:30 a.m. on filming day to practice the final shot, which uses a drone to capture an aerial view of the student body spelling out “2018” on the turf.

“Personally, it was the only thing that I was getting a little nervous about, so I wanted to get a little more practice before the day really started,” said Feresten. “From there, our crew came through for us. Everyone was making posters, putting streamers up in the halls and helping out with run-throughs.”

From 8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Julia Gaudioso, Ally Beetle, and Sarah Giulianti were working on hair and makeup for the main cast members. Then, at 1:41 p.m., things “really got crazy,” Feresten said. In fact, by the end of the day, both Franchino and Katz said they were so tired and dehydrated that they could barely get tears out.

“When I was running through the hallways, seeing everyone cheering and just watching everything fall into place was very surreal,” said Katz. “Once I got outside and saw all of the sports teams screaming on the turf, I started to cry. Well, tried to at least. No tears actually came out because I was so dehydrated.”

“The process of filming the live shoot was very exciting,” said Franchino. “Going through everything the day of was also really stressful but so fun at the same time. I can’t even describe the adrenaline that was running through my body during the shoot and it was such an amazing experience. I was so dehydrated and sick (I actually lost my voice the day before, which made it much harder to be in charge of hundreds of teenagers), but at the end I was so beyond happy and excited that everything worked out.”

Feresten said that like any production, not everything went exactly to plan, but that seeing the drone take off, marking the end of the project, “was the best feeling ever.” He added that it was “truly an amazing feeling” to come together with his fellow crew members on the turf at the end of the day to hug and congratulate each other.

“It was a crazy feeling to be able to accomplish such a large project,” said Franchino. “I was so excited to see the raw footage so Matt, Sabrina and I watched it immediately after and completely were blown away by the outcome.”

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