It’s been said that, “One of the most meaningful contributions that a citizen can make to their community is serving on their local Board of Education. It doesn’t require a degree in education, or a background in politics. However, it does require a sincere interest in the community, its children, and their education.”  It is my passion for education that has driven me – Ray Leibman - to run for our Board of Education.

During the past several years, I’ve attended many Board meetings and understand the qualities necessary to be a successful and effective board member. I’ve taken the time to become acquainted with the current administrators and Board, and believe that we share common principles and goals. During the last year, I’ve seen our Board function with total cohesiveness and efficiency, and know that I can make a positive contribution as a member of the “team.”

I’m a visionary, and in these swiftly-changing economic and political times, a catalyst for reform. Reform is necessary to continue assessing our standards and build on our success. It’s necessary to insure that the citizens we serve feel comfortable,and trust those empowered to spend our money. Reform is necessary to improve communications, and the dissemination of information. As a college professor, I’m inquisitive - and thrive on being informed. If elected, I pledge to ask the questions you want answered, and to report the answers back to you clearly, concisely, and promptly.

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Livingston’s schools enjoy an enviable reputation, making our community a destination for families who value education. It’s the reason why our properties hold their value, and why our students excel in every facet of life. Therefore, it’s imperative for us to continue supporting – not dismantling – a truly great system that has taken years to build! We are fortunate to attract the best teachers and administrators: hard-working, passionate people who selflessly invest their time and talents to give our children a top-notch education. They’ve done an amazing job across the board, which is why I fully support the current school budget - and look forward to being a part of the 2012 budget process. For the same reasons, I am opposed to the elimination of collective bargaining, and the arbitrary elimination of tenure. And, while I am for the principles of Charter schools and will continue to assist in their creation where they are needed, I am opposed to Charter schools in Livingston, as they are not needed.

Let’s continue to give credit where it’s due, and to embrace diversity. Let’s be collaborative – not divisive. Let’s pledge to work harder at building relationships, and to fostering trust and confidence. Let’s strive to promote teamwork and respect. Let’s support the impressive fiscal prudence that our Board has demonstrated. Let’s establish a higher benchmark for all members of the educational community. Let’s insure that all 5,700 students we serve receive fair and equitable treatment, and that they’re given every chance for educational success.

My name is Ray Leibman. And I am asking for your trust and vote on April 27th2011.