In time for Autism Awareness Month, The Applied Behavior Analysis Center (ABAC) unveils the first three workshops in its ongoing workshop series on applied behavior analysis (ABA) and autism.  The workshop series, designed for parents with children with autism and/or professionals who work with, or otherwise provide services to, learners with autism spectrum disorders or other developmental disabilities, will cover topics ranging from an introduction to applied behavior analysis to more specific topics including generalization of skills, teaching independence, and maintaining what you teach: integrating mastered skills into everyday living. 

The first three workshops titled, “Wait! There is more to ABA than Discrete Trials? Using ABA to instruct learners with autism,” “Parent Training: Models used to instruct parents of children with autism and related disabilities,” and “Applied Behavior Analysis is what? Debunking myths and describing the science: An introductory workshop for parents and professionals” will be held on April 10, 22, and 24 respectively.  The workshops are sixty to ninety minutes in length and allow for opportunities to ask questions at the end. The April 2013 workshop series will be held in Springfield and are discounted 50% in honor of Autism Awareness Month.

Workshops will be given by Adrienne Fitzer, MA, BCBA, owner and director of ABAC. She has extensive experience working with learners on the autism spectrum and has published two books with co-editor Peter Sturmey, on ABA and Autism.  She has worked in both private and public settings and developed ABAC to help provide easier access to ongoing parent and staff training. Ms. Fitzer has taught at the college level at Queens College, CUNY and Caldwell College and is thrilled that ABAC gives her the opportunity to do both of the things she loves professionally, teaching others (both through lecture and hands –on experiences) and working with learners with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities.

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