LIVINGSTON, NJ - Livingston’s fourth installment of the Regal Bank-sponsored Summer Concert Series was forced indoors on Sunday after a torrential downpour soaked Memorial Field before the concert was to begin. This was the second performance that had to be held inside Livingston Senior High School this summer; the BSTREETBAND concert was indoor as well. But, just like the first indoor concert, the auditorium was packed with local residents.  All were eager to catch the final performance of the summer.

Audience members who had attended the BSTREETBAND concert knew from experience that seating would fill up quickly. Consequently, the auditorium filled up much earlier than 7 p.m., the concert’s starting time. Over the buzz of conversation, one concertgoer remarked, “It hasn’t been this crowded at any other Livingston concert this summer!”

Regal Bank employees served as ushers to help latecomers find any remaining seats, but after the rest of the seats were taken, concertgoers had to stand by the doorway just to catch a glimpse of the band.

Outside in the hallway, Regal Bank set up a table where volunteers handed out complimentary balloons and backscratchers. 

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A television crew broadcast the performance against the auditorium wall from a projector for anyone who could not see the band from where they were sitting or standing. Another cameraman was recording the performance to broadcast on television. Photographers clustered around the front of the stage so as not to block the audience’s view.

The Bronx Wanderers were greeted with a tremendous round of applause. A long opening from actor Danny Aiello provided background about the band:

“"Being a teenager on an avenue in the Bronx back in the '50s and early '60s was unlike being a kid anywhere else in the universe. There was a magic in the air that blended right in with the sweet aroma of Mama’s cooking. It was the liberating sound of doo-wop and rock and roll. This music had heart, soul, purity and a sound... oh the that made you want to dance...harmonies that made you high...lyrics that once in a while, even made you cry” (

Immediately following the narrative, the band rocked the crowd with popular 50’s and 60s music. Everyone was bopping their heads or clapping their hands. Some audience members even stood up and dance in the aisle. The concert was an enjoyable experience for concertgoers of all ages, even those too young to know most of the songs.