The Children’s Institute, located on Regent Street in Livingston, is offering an intensive video production and acting course for teens and young adults, from Oct. 8 to Dec. 21,  Participants can enroll for one, two or all three months. The classes will be offered on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. from Oct. 12 to Dec. 27 for $650 or after-school on Wednesdays from 4-6 p.m. from Oct. 9 to Dec. 18 for $380. The classes will cover:

  • Film/Video Production where students learn the basics of cutting edge digital technology in the state-of-the-art studio and the field.  Students learn about using a camera and shooting techniques, visualization for directors, script writing basics, lighting, audio and post-production practices.
  • Acting for the Camera with the goal of decreasing social anxiety and shyness and increasing social skills.

Space is limited and individualized instruction will be stressed.  For more information, go to, or email  To register, call 973-509-3050, ext. 441. 

About Film School Director, David DiIanni

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    Di Ianni has over 20 years experience in the television industry as an award winning director and producer, and has been a Teacher of Television Broadcasting at TCI for three years and is currently the Director of The TCI Film School.   He believes that students on the autism spectrum often show strength in tasks involving film and acting and has successfully used the camera in his classes to teach acting techniques resulting in students’ improved self-confidence and social skills.  Under his tutelage, a TCI student was awarded the 2011 Governor’s Excellence in Arts Award for Film and Video and another TCI student has been nominated for the 2013 award.  The TCI Film School is one of Mr. Di Ianni’s most recent innovative programs to help all students reach their full potential.  He has presented at various educational and technology conferences in the nation and been the recipient of the New Jersey School Board/ASAH Innovations in Special Education Award for his groundbreaking educational initiatives.

    “Film and the creative digital field is a natural fit for many of my students.  They thrive in this visual learning environment and many can find a career in this industry once their ability is recognized,” Di Ianni explained.


About The Children’s Institute and The Center for Independence

The Children’s Institute, founded in 1963, is a pioneer in special education for those, ages 3-21 with autism and related disabilities and is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.  On Oct 1, 2012, an adult program initiated for adults 21 and up, called The Center for Independence, was opened by TCI, as well as a state-of-the-art new high school building and young adult program.  All programs are located in a newly renovated building at 6 Regent St., in Livingston, NJ.  For more information about TCI, go to  and for more information about The Center for Independence go to .