WHIPPANY, NJ -  A Guiness World Record was set as 1,043 people from around the country participated in The Great Shofar Blowout on Sept. 23 in Whippany.

Participants from as far away as Texas and Massachussetts joined to together for the historic event sponsored by the Partnership for Jewish Learning and Life. A shofar is described as "ram's-horn trumpet used by ancient Jews in religious ceremonies and as a battle signal, now sounded at Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur."

To celebrate the start of the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, the largest known Shofar Ensemble to date was formed.

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Robert Lichtman, executive director of The Partnership for Jewish Learning and Life, explained, “In the five minutes it took us to blow shofar together, we accomplished some amazing things. We celebrated our unity; we created a sound that no one has ever heard before; we raised our Shofar voices in joy and song and hope, and we set a new Guinness World Record. The Partnership’s mission is to Bring Jewish Learning to Life – we did that today and are committed to continuing that mission for years to come.”

Samantha Kaplan of Springfield, NJ shared her family’s experience, “The event was an experience like no other. Hearing of all those shofars calling in unison was such a powerful, positive, uplifting sound. My family was so proud to attend this event and be a part of making a world record! It is a tale we will share at this year's Rosh HaShana table and for many years to come.”

56 Community Partner organizations—including schools, synagogues, camps and others—participated in The Great Shofar Blowout and promoted the event under the auspices of The Partnership for Jewish Learning and Life, the Jewish identity-building organization of Greater MetroWest.

In addition to the Shofar Blowout, the event provided Shofar Blowing Clinics, Shofar making demonstrations, a child play area, merchandise and food vendors, art projects and live music provided by Nefesh Mountain, a Jazz and Jewish Bluegrass group.

Rebecca Wanatick, a Randolph resident, expressed, "It was an incredibly meaningful day for our family, celebrating together as a community."