LIVINGSTON, NJ – The Little Gym of Livingston, which is located at 4215 Town Center Way, has announced that it is now enrolling children in two all-new age-appropriate and interest-driven summer camp programs called, “Super Kids’ Quest Summer Camp” (for ages three to eight) and “Skill Thrill Summer Camp” (for ages six to 12). According to The Little Gym, these “new camp curriculums will bring fun adventures and skill-building opportunities to kids.”

“We know that one size does not fit all when it comes to engaging kids in summer activities,” said Claudia Hollander, owner of The Little Gym of Livingston. “That’s why we’re offering two very different experiences this summer.”

Super Kids’ Quest Summer Camps

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Hollander said that he Super Kids’ Quest Summer Camps will appeal to children who enjoy active, fun, group activities built around age-appropriate imaginative themes that are engaging and challenging.

According to Hollander, “completely reworked around a new camp format, this camp will challenge children to spend three adventure-filled hours a day completing a fun, exciting missions or “quests.”

She said that each quest will employ a creative storyline designed to incorporate The Little Gym’s “Three Learning Dimensions” as kids have a chance to exercise their bodies (Get Moving!), their imaginations (Brain Boost!), and their team cooperative skills (Citizen Kid!) to complete their mission.

Skill Thrill Summer Camps

According to Hollander, the Skill Thrill Summer Camps will focus on enhancing specific beginner, intermediate or advanced level gymnastics skills, with themed activities that deliver fun and success.

These camps are designed to help children take their gymnastics skills to the next level by providing a more intense program. They will focus on having the children learn specific skill sets and will review general gymnastics. According to The Little Gym, “this mix of the new and the familiar provides the perfect opportunity for each child to have fun, experience success, and boost their confidence.”

Scheduling Details

The camps will be offered with flexible scheduling, allowing busy families to choose from several full-week, week-long or day-at-a-time scheduling opportunities.

The themes in the Super Kids’ Quest Summer Camp will also vary from week to week, offering children a fresh experience each time.

Individual Skill Thrill Camps may be offered more than once throughout the summer to allow children to repeat a camp and continue to practice and perfect certain skills.

“In both our summer classes and our summer camps, the focus is on fun and success,” said Hollander, “but our programs are also carefully designed to help children carry over the learning and socialization process from their school year, while they challenge their minds and bodies in a welcoming, non-competitive and secure environment.”

“We want children not only to gain confidence in their own abilities but also to respect and support the abilities of others,” she added.

For more information, or to register for the Super Kids’ Quest, Skill Thrill Summer Camps or summer classes at The Little Gym in Livingston, call 973-422-1722, send an email to or visit the website.