At its very core, public relations is all about relationship building.  Many people are surprised to learn that growing a company and generating awareness does not require big marketing dollars.  Sometimes, it’s as simple as finding a business owner/company who has a vested interest in helping you grow while at the same time confident you will be assisting them as well. This type of relationship building forms the basis of a strategic alliance.

Forming strategic alliances with complementary organizations is an excellent way to enhance a company’s reputation and, ultimately, increase company profits for both entities.

The three main benefits of forming strategic alliances are:

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  • extending each company’s communication ‘footprint’
  • providing strong ROI for capital expended
  • the creation of 3rdparty credibilitythat comes with being associated with the strategic alliance ‘partners’

According to Rosanna Imbriano, President, RI Consulting,, “…forming a strategic alliance is one of the most effective and under reported ways for companies to reap benefits of marketing and public relations on a shoe string budget….” Rosanna gives two powerful examples.

One of Rosanna’s clients, The Center for Italian & Italian American Culture needed to get the word out about the many events the Center holds.  The Italian Tribune,, the premier Italian American Weekly since 1931, needed to increase their subscriptions.  So Rosanna sought to make a strategic alliance.  The Center agreed to promote subscriptions by linking the two websites and promoting the newspaper internally to their membership and at their events.  Reciprocally, The Tribune prints all the Center’s events each month in their newspaper under the Center’s logo.  Each party is committed to the success of the other.  This is always a win-win situation.

Well, one might argue – our company is in a niche or too specific or too complex for us to form a strategic alliance.  Strip it down – to the core competency of what your company offers.

Another one of Rosanna’s clients is a restaurant whom provides repast dinners to families who have just lost a loved one.  Rosanna scouted out all the funeral homes within a ten mile radius of the restaurant.  The restaurant prides itself on its loyal customer base, so when they are aware of a friend or family’s need, the restaurant discreetly offers information on the funeral home.  The funeral homes, for their part, offer information on local restaurants to make the process for the families much easier.  It couldn’t be simpler and more human than that.  Public relations does not have to be fancy – it just requires someone to listen to a need and find a solution.

For instance let’s say you are a website designer.  You can then look for a printer.  A printer may have clients that need a website and a website designer’s clients might have items they need printed.  See, relationships do not have to be technical or trendy or based in 21st century technology.  They just need to have two entities who are committed to each other’s success.

Please write me with the many ways your business can and or has benefited from a strategic alliance. 

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