An organized crime spree has spread across various northern New Jersey communities and is widespread throughout Essex County. For the past 2 ½ months, Livingston has experienced an increase of crime in residential areas related to thefts from automobiles and stolen cars.  These theft rings, which have been identified by law enforcement intelligence, have so far burglarized 53 cars and stolen 8 cars between the hours of 12 midnight and 6 am.

Residents are strongly urged to lock their cars and to keep valuables out of sight to minimize the temptation of theft. Please help us keep Livingston safe by being mindful of your belongings and watchful over your neighborhood. Livingston Police have increased residential patrols in the area, and have partnered with surrounding communities to help combat this threat from organized criminals.  In addition, the Township Police have stationed patrols to monitor major roadways from dusk to dawn, and are sharing information with surrounding communities and the media, to alert the public to the current situation.

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The Township Community Policing Unit has received requests from some resident who would like to form Neighborhood Watch Programs on their block.  On October 18, 2011, 35 residents, who have experienced some of these thefts, attended a program on Neighborhood Watch presented by Police Chief Craig Handschuch and Officers Gary Mankowitz and Joy Klapal. The two hour program included an open forum to address resident’s concerns and a Power Point presentation on crime prevention.

If residents are interested in forming a Neighborhood Watch in their area or for more information on Livingston Police Community Initiatives, please call 973-992-3000 extension #3600. Or go to the Township website at Click on Police in the left hand column. The Police Department is located at the Town Hall, 333-357 South Livingston Avenue.