LIVINGSTON, NJ – The Livingston Town Council held a conference meeting Nov. 10 to discuss the closing of Edgemere Road at the intersection with Scotland Drive. Township Engineer Rich Calbi was in attendance and said that devices such as barrels and cones were previously placed in the road, but continued to be moved by residents.

Calbi said the plan was to develop a permanent barrier on the basis that the road was to remain divided.

Councilwoman Deborah Shapiro asked if a traffic study had been done for safety concerns, and Calbi said a study had not been done on the street.

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During the public comment session, multiple Livingston residents shared their opinions on the potential road closure.

David Giat said, “The intersection has been open for a couple of years. That intersection is safe. To confirm, I did a records request of accidents occurring since 2011. There are many less extreme and cheaper options to closing the street. These common sense options have not been considered. For example, on Hillside Avenue we put in speed bumps. The best course of action is for the road to remain open.”

Woody Sonnabend said, “Closure is going to increase traffic to the top of Scotland Drive. I think it is very important for emergency vehicles to get through and it will be quicker for them to go through Edgemere Road. It would be nice to have a private enclave without traffic.”

Janet Dicker, in favor of closing the road said, “In the last five years, I have had five cars hit my house because the blind curb is impossible to navigate during the snow.”

Rene Chalom said, “The most logical approach is to study the appropriateness of keeping the road open or closed.”

In response to the public comments, Shapiro said, “Our next step is twofold: to institute a traffic study to see what the speed on the road is, how many cars are traveling, etc.,  and also to touch base with the county regarding the access from the Hillside Club in the new development to Edgemere.  We all agreed that there are safety concerns on both sides and that there may be better ways with dealing with them throughout the entire length of Edgemere than just closing the street at Scotland Road.”

“It is a county road and the county is going to have to approve any changes,” said Calbi.