LIVINGSTON, NJ — Following a brief presentation from ShopRite of Livingston’s registered in-store dietician Elle Bernardo, the Livingston Township Council announced Monday that it would designate the month of March as National Nutrition Month.

Encouraging the residents of Livingston to practice healthy eating, Mayor Shawn Klein presented Bernardo with a proclamation officially naming March as National Nutrition Month in the Township of Livingston.

“The theme this month is ‘Put Your Best Fork Forward,’ so we’re really just trying to promote eating the best foods for yourself nutritionally,” said Bernardo. “Livingston has embraced me coming in and talking about nutrition—I have about 12 community presentations this month, so I’m really excited about that.”

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Bernardo also touched on the benefits of “grass-fed” versus “conventional-fed” beef, which she said is a “hot topic” coming out in nutrition.

“Grass-fed beef actually has a lot more nutrition than conventional-fed beef,” she said. “Research still needs to come through with a little bit more precise data, but basically, right now, grass-fed beef has lower amounts of saturated fats and higher amounts of a fat called ‘Omega 3.’ Omega 3 is typically found in fish sources and it’s really heart-healthy and beneficial to have in your diet.”

Klein encouraged all citizens to “join the campaign” and become concerned about their own nutrition as well as the nutrition of others to achieve optimal health in the township.